There are very few things more beautiful than watching a sunset - whether you are alone, with your soulmate, with your family or friends. Sunsets are beautiful, romantic captivating and the best day to end a beautiful day, especially when you are traveling! Greek islands are famous for some of the best sunsets of the world and the island of Corfu is no exception! Sunset spots are plentiful in Corfu but here’s our pick of the best places on the island where you can enjoy this awe-inspiring nature’s spectacle! Grab your camera and let's explore together some of the best sunset spots of Corfu!

Have something to add to our list? Send us a photo of your own sunset experience in Corfu and we would be happy to add it to our list of the best sunsets of Corfu!

1. From Peroulades - Logas beach

                                                                              Peroulades sunset photo- credits: Giannis Mazis

Probably the top sunset spot of Corfu! The village of Peroulades is located approximately 40km/1-hour drive north from Corfu Town, but we promise the long drive will be worth it! Make sure that you arrive on Logas beach (the beach of the village) before sunset, to secure a good spot on the beach or for an even better experience, head to the the famous 7th heaven beach bar, perched high on the top of the cliff, and offering spectacular views out to the sea. Grab your favorite cocktail and relax under the soft sounds of the bar, as you watch the sky turn to spectacular reds and pinks over the sea! If you find yourself in Logas, it is also worth visiting the nearby lovely idyllic destinations of Cape Drastis and Canal d’ amour, both famous for their breathtaking natural beauty but also for their beautiful sunsets.

2. Afionas 

Afionas sunset photo- credits: Vitouladitis

Another particularly stunning spot to watch Corfu’s sunset is Afionas! Located approximately 35 km northwest from Corfu Town, Afionas is a picturesque village, set on a top of a hill and standing at approximately 480m above sea level. This is a typical old Greek village with scenic, narrow streets and old village houses and renowned for its spectacular views. Afionas is also famous for its sunset which can be enjoyed from a bench at the "Afionas Sunset" vantage point, but also from the terrace of the few tavernas of the village that offer uninterrupted views out to the sea and the small, neighboring Diapontia islands. Our Suggestion: Spend the day at the nearby secluded beach of Porto Timoni  (N.B.: hiking is required!) - one of the top beaches of Corfu -  and head to the tavernas in the evening to enjoy the delicious Corfiot cuisine while watching the sun ducking down the horizon!

3. From Pelekas - Kaiser’s Throne

        Pelekas sunset photo- credits: Hotel

One of the most beautiful villages of Corfu, Pelekas, set approximately 13 km west from Corfu Town is also a wonderful place to watch the sunset in Corfu! This picturesque village still retains its traditional character, being dominated by old-style village houses, small souvenir shops, and traditional tavernas serving the most delicious Corfiot flavors. The highlight of the village is the Kaiser’s Throne, at the top of the hill - the remains of an observatory from where the German emperor Kaiser Wilhelm II, used to marvel at Corfu’s natural beauty and enjoy 360° views of the island. Head to Kaiser’s Throne early in the evening to catch one of the best sunsets in Corfu, but also to enjoy the best panoramic views of the island! On this location, you will also find a lovely café-restaurant with a lovely selection of food and drinks and also home to breathtaking views.

4. From Issos Beach

  Issos beach sunset photo- credits:

Issos beach, aka ''the Sahara of Corfu'' is a long sandy beach, set approximately 29 km south from Corfu Town. Renowned for its impressive sand dunes, crystal clear waters and golden sands, Issos boasts a striking setting for swimming, and is widely considered one of the top beaches of the island. On the beach, you will find some facilities including sunbeds and umbrellas, a small canteen, as well as windsurfing equipment avaιlable to rent. Issos is also one of the best places of the island to be at sundown: Enjoy a dive in the crystal clear waters or just relax on your comfortable sunbed and watch the last drops of the sun oozing into the shimmering sea! The famous Chalikounas Beach and Paramonas beach are two more beaches on the south of Corfu, from where you can also enjoy a lovely Corfu sunset!

5. From Paleokastritsa

Paleokastritsa beach sunset photo - credits:

Off the western coast of Corfu, Paleokastritsa is widely considered one of the top attractions of the island, renowned for its unique natural beauty. But what better way to experience Paleokastritsa's beauty than with a little sunset backdrop? You could even spend a whole day in the area of Paleokastritsa! Cruise around the famous caves of the area, take a dip in its crystalline waters and sample the most delicious local specialties in one of the seaside tavernas. As the sun goes down, climb to the picturesque hilltop 13th century monastery of Virgin Mary with its collection of Byzantine icons, holy books, and other relics and its delightful flower-filled courtyard with gardens - approximately 15-minute uphill walk or 5-minute drive. This is a perfect spot to catch a stunning Corfu sunset  along with sweeping views of the Ionian Sea! Paleokastritsa is a quite touristy area but still worth the visit!

6. From Mouragia

Mouragia sunset photo - credits:

If you are staying in Corfu Town and don’t have a car to travel around the island, worry not; you can still catch a wonderful sunset in Corfu Town! After your late afternoon coffee, early dinner or shopping in the Town, do as locals do and take a relaxing evening stroll in Mouragia, the coastal road opposite the little island of Vido. To get there, start from the famous French-designed Liston, pass under the gate of the imposing Palace of St. Michael and St. George, and you will find yourself in the popular quarter of Mouragia. Take a leisurely stroll along the seaside road of Mouragia,  watch the boats bobbing in a sea shimmering with colorful reflections, and soak up the beautiful colors of the Corfiot sky at dusk, as you watch the sun going down the horizon. The perfect way to end a perfect day in Corfu Town!  Other lovely sunset viewpoints in Corfu Town include the Venetian Old Fortress and the rooftop of Cavalieri hotel.

7. From Kanoni- Mouse Island

Kanoni sunset photo - credits:

Once the site of the ancient city of Corfu, Kanoni is nowadays a residential quarter located on the suburbs of Corfu Town. It is one of the most visited areas of the island as it is home to breathtaking views of the famous Mouse Island and the quaint, whitewashed Vlacherna church - perhaps the most photographed spot of the island! You can visit Kanoni at any time of the day but sunset is one of the best times to find yourself in this area. Pick your favorite spot in one of the cafés and restaurants, sit down relax and and sip your favorite drink while enjoying the breathtaking views of Mouse Island and Vlacherna church at sunset. Something that adds to this location's special atmosphere is ''plane watching''! You will have the chance to watch planes landing and taking off right over your head, as Kanoni is located right next to the airport runway.