From Asia to Europe, kumquat has travelled across continents to reach the Greek island of Corfu and become its symbol. The journey begins in 1924, when Sidney Merlin, a British colonial subject, botanist and athlete, was the first to introduce the kumquat plant to Corfu. Its cultivation has expanded over the years, with an annual production of 200 tons.


The fruit has a characteristic taste, due to the sweetness of its peel and the sourness of its pulp. Another interesting fact about kumquat is that it is the only entirely edible citrus fruit! Its many culinary uses include the concoction of liqueur – Corfu’s signature drink – and the making of jam and various preserves.

Health benefits

Among its many health benefits, kumquat is a rich source of antioxidants such as vitamins C, A and B, and of certain nutrients like potassium and calcium. It is therefore obvious why kumquat is indeed a ‘Golden Orange’, as suggested by its Chinese name.

At Blue Tours we appreciate our culture and we would be eager to introduce visitors to local products, to let them discover how kumquat is cultivated and turned into famous delicacies, by including a visit in our tours to local factories.