Whether you are spending a week in  Corfu or just visiting for a few hours with your Cruise Ship, the question you may be asking yourself is: ''Should I take part in an Organized Sightseeing tour in Corfu or is it worth booking a Private Tour in Corfu'' In Blue Tours, we strongly believe that a Corfu Private Tour is the best way to discover our island and below we give you some of the reasons:

1. Discover Authentic Corfu

A private tour in Corfu will give you the unique opportunity to discover the real, authentic side of Corfu. Local knowledgeable guides can share little known island’s stories and give you a deep insight into the local way of life – something not really possible in large organized groups. A private tour in Corfu will allow you to uncover many of the island’s  hidden gems which are not usually included in organized sightseeing tours. Get to know how the locals live and experience for yourself; what life is really like beyond the standard tourist route!

2. A Customised, Tailor-Made Itinerary

Your tour is customised and the itinerary tailor-made to suit your needs. It is designed around your interests and needs whereas in a group the itinerary cannot be changed and you may have to visit places that you are not really interested in. With a Corfu Private Tour, you can travel on your own terms, deciding where and when to stop, how long to spend at each place, a flexibility not available on fixed tours. Your private tour guide will be there to cater to your own needs – something not really possible in a large organised group where the guide has to cater to the needs of everyone in the group.

3. Personal Touch

With your own private, friendly guide there is a personal touch that you can’t have in a larger group. They will offer a personal service and focus on your unique needs and those of your family or friends, which is especially convenient if you are travelling with children or elderly people. On an organised tour, however, you have to travel in a large group with travellers with whom you might not share the same interests. A Private tour is all about you!

4. Luxury Transportation

If you choose a Corfu Private Tour, you can enjoy the comfort of a luxury vehicle with air-conditioning and wi-fi services and the services of a professional, experienced driver who is always at your service. On the other hand,  taking part in an organised tour, you sometimes can end up being packed in a large bus with other group members, often having to wait for other people to show up before you can go anywhere.

5. Value for Money

It may sound strange but a Corfu private tour can really give you value for money. In many cases, the price will end up being the same or similar as that of an organised tour – but of course you get much better services: a personal guide, a flexible, customised itinerary, a better vehicle and a better experience in general! 

All in all, we think that the answer to your original question is – Yes, it is worth booking a private tour in Corfu! Here you can get an idea about all our Private Tours in Corfu: https://www.bluetours.gr/tours-and-activities/types/private-tours-and-activities