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Butrint is an archaeological site of great historical significance located on a peninsula between Lake Butrint and the Vivari Channel, on the south-west coast of Albania. Inhabited since prehistoric times. Bouthroton - as Butrint was named at ancient times - was the site of a Greek colony, later a Roman city and a bishopric. Although this city flourished during Roman and Byzantine period, it fell into decline in late antiquity when a destructive earthquake shook the city and was finally abandoned. After many years of excavations, Butrint is now widely considered one of the most sigificant landmarks of Albania. In 1992, UNESCO recognised the unique historical significance and cultural heritage of Butrint and registered it as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Today, visitors can discover extraordinary archaeological remains that represent all the different periods in the city’s development as well as the diversity of the cultures that existed there. One of the most interesting attractions is the ancient Greek theatre, originally built by the Greeks in the 4th century BC but later expanded by the Romans and now left to us in wonderful condition. Other highlights include the temple of Aesclepius (Greek god of medicine), the extraordinary mosaic floor of the early Christian Baptistry and the central public space – the agora. More findings can be explored in a small museum such as the so-called “Goddess of Butrint” – an embodiment of the Greek ideal of beauty – as well as other finely crafted statues of Greek gods and famous Romans – such as the city’s patron, Emperor Augustus.

As Butrint is situated around 20 km from the port of Saranda it can easily be reached by coach - approximately 40 minutes drive from Saranda. Discover Butrint from Corfu on our Full-Day Cruise to Albania & Butrint from Corfu or check out all our Corfu Tours & Activities for more ideas on Things to Do while in Corfu!

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